Artivism Toolkit Monthly Art Project Subscription Bundle
  • Artivism Toolkit Monthly Art Project Subscription Bundle


    The Artivist Toolkit bundle includes five months of fun, unique art projects delivered to your door monthly, for about $15 a month.


    Each themed art project includes all the materials and instructions needed to explore a social and environmental issue.  The art projects don't just foster creativity to build inner confidence and a strong sense of self, they also demonstrate ways to be engaged humans who are a part of a larger community.


    The bundle is perfect for parents who are teaching their kids at home during the pandemic. Projects will be delivered January-May and will culminate with the child designing their own tee-shirt, just in time for summer break.


    Suggested age range is 5-13 with some wiggle room on each side.


    The bundle includes a primary color acrylic paint set (five 2oz. bottles), 3 brushes, a glue stick, 3 canvases, some dirt, one custom designed t-shirt, assorted colorful shiny things, fun resources from fellow artivists and suggested video instructions.


    Artivist themes include: Collaboration, Connection, Community, Activism and Emotional Literacy.


    Here's how it works:

    Sign up for the bundle.

    Every month, for five months, a package arrives and your child greets its arrival with joy!

    Play, create, imagine!

    Post pictures or share your feedback (this is my first time offering this so any feedback is much appreciated!)


    Please contact me if you’d like to sponsor a bundle for a child/family in need.


    * The subscription bundle starts in January. Projects will be shipped at the beginning of each month.


    ** If this is a Christmas gift, please let me know and I will send a fun origami note with a mini-project letting the lucky recipient know that their gift subscription will arrive in January. Please order by December 11th if you'd like your note delivered by December 25th.


    ***At this time we can only ship to addresses within the United States.

    • Gifts

      If you're purchasing the Toolkit as a gift, we will send you a form to complete after you've made the purchase.  The form will allow you to select the name and address of the person you'd like the gift to be delivered to.

      Thank you!!