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Happy Earth Day 2019

On this Earth Day 2019, I would like to introduce you to a new chapter in the Climate Love Project journey and ask you to join me to be the change we wish to see in the world.  The Climate Love Project is evolving into service where we design creative activities for kids (and grown-ups) to do at events, parties or at home that make taking action on climate change and associated issues fun. 

I started the Climate Love Project because when my son Finnegan was born five years ago, my work in sustainability felt desperately urgent and, to be honest, borderline hopeless.  In the sustainability field, we look to data to make our case, and we source our solutions from the same place.  When I became responsible for sustaining a life, I started to wonder why the data isn't enough to make us, myself included, change our fossil fuel burning ways?  I began to wonder what would inspire and motivate us to change, individually and collectively, and why we don't talk about those things in the same conversation as return on investment?  

by Graysen Burns

So, with the help of fellow change makers in our neighborhood, we started creating activities to teach and inspire kids and grown-ups using art and fun as the medium. We made Earth Balls, community sculptures and little libraries, we've hidden Jars of Goodness, and ran through the neighborhood looking for clues to complete scavenger hunts.  The work has grown to include community events such as the Animas City Night Bazaar, and the Earth Day Festival where I help program unique and quirky activities in unexpected places.

Piper Lang and Eden Glasser teaching preschoolers how to make seed packets and scavenger hunt vessels.

Now I want to scale this work because I believe that the world needs connection and inspiration to help solve climate change.  I've identified three skills that I think Finn and his peers will need in a climate-changed future: Strong emotional Intelligence, the ability to think creatively and a robust understanding of how to build community.  Elements of these skill sets are woven into each of the activities, along with a dash of problem, a heaping scoop of creativity and a dollop of fun.  My wish is to raise an empowered and aware human who knows how to make change using his head and his heart.  I suspect that many of you want this for your kids, grandkids and communities as well.

So my ask is that you go to the website and become a subscriber.  As a subscriber, you'll be the first to know as I post activities on the site that you can download.  If you are reading this blog, chances are, you may already be a member of the site, but don't let that stop you from becoming a subscriber too!

My goal is to create a product that is as easy on the earth as it is to use, something you can download and do in your own community or living room using found, repurposed or recycled goods to the greatest extent possible. If you're curious about what this will look like, check out the free Earth Day Action-able Scavenger Hunt on the website.  Do you have an idea that you'd like to bring to fruition?  An event for which you need a fun activity?  A community in need of a connection point? Suggestions? Send me an email and we can help you manifest your ideas too.

Need some more inspiration on this Earth Day?  Follow and tell your kids about the Fridays For Future movement (started by Greta Thurnburg) and the US Youth Climate Strike  where kids strategically walk out of school to protest climate change and the Juliana vs. U.S. lawsuit where youth plaintiffs are suing the government for not doing anything about climate change. By subscribing to the Climate Love Project website you are joining an organization that has signed the Parents for Future Letter supporting action on climate on behalf of our youth.  And this new life-size blue whale sculpture made out of recycled plastic and steel in Santa Fe is pretty cool too!

I'll leave you this Earth Day evening with a motivational thought from Robert Swan, "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." The time to act is now.  I hope you'll join us!

With love and gratitude,


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