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We like to play in public.  Designing and launching activities that build community, teach emotional intelligence and creative thinking make us happy and hopeful. 

It all began with a Little Library. Our community built it collaboratively and it has become a place in our neighborhood where we gather to connect, celebrate, grieve or find a good book.   

Since then, the Climate Love Project has blossomed to include projects at the neighborhood, community and international scales.  Projects range from art nights with the neighborhood to workshops with a local youth organization and a preschool.  We've helped organize and program the Animas City Night Bazaar and pop-up with creative activities at community events like Earth Day, the Main Event and the Animas Museum's Old Fashioned Christmas Bazaar. 

We love to customize and imagine things so please contact us with questions. 

Here is a little sampling of our work

Earth Day


Join us as we celebrate with an action-oriented scavenger hunt, plant-able crafts and fun

on Sunday, April 21st, 12-4pm, Rotary Park in Durango, CO. 

We pop up monthly and get down in the neighborhood. Local food, artists, music and creative activities are a recipe for a great time.  They also happen to build community, support a local economy and create resiliency.  We think it's a win win!

The Animas

City Night


Meet Happy the Change Maker.  Happy is a community art activity designed to help us celebrate our planet.  The traveling sculpture was made by kids from the Boys & Girls Club and the 'hood.  We thought about "What change do you want to see for the planet and how can you help make that change happen?"

happy the change maker

Inside these little darlings you will find inspiration to brighten your day and focus attention on all the good in the world. This educational activity draws on the field of Positive Psychology mixed in with a dash of whimsy and surprise to build emotional intelligence.

Jars 'O 


Between 1970 and 2012 populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish around the globe dropped 58% according to a report by WWF. We honored these lost animals with a creative activity using a lot of love and a little light too.

Endangered species on parade

Climate change is scary.  Halloween rituals are a way to deal with things that scare us. The community engagement activity applies creative thinking to climate change by giving voice to our fears and celebrating the solutions that we do have control over.

Halloween display

This creative activity for kids and their adults centers around creating a sense of place and building community.  In the process a moment in time is "captured."  

time capsules