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We like to play in public.  At Climate Love Project we believe that building community is a cornerstone of sustainable and resilient places AND that change making should be fun.  

Research shows that we are becoming more socially isolated and as a result, our feelings of happiness, connection and fulfillment are declining.  We all want our kids to feel connected and to know what it feels like to be a part of something larger than themselves.  That's why Climate Love Project is passionate about building community and sharing climate change interactive activities.

To help bring our own brand of artivism to the world, we've helped organize and program the Animas City Night Bazaar and Climate Love Project pops-up with creative kid activities at community events like Earth Day, the Main Event and the Animas Museum's Old Fashioned Christmas Bazaar. 

The City of Durango and the North Main Business Improvement District decided to throw a neighborhood block party.  We thought a live mural painting on the side of an old building would make an excellent artivism action to get kids and their grown ups thinking about community building.  The answers to the painted prompt "COMMUNITY IS..." were hilarious and heart warming.

20190504_Community Being_edited.jpg

The Animas

City Night


We pop up monthly and get down in the neighborhood. Local food, artists, music and creative activities are a recipe for a great time.  They also happen to build community, support a local creative economy and create places in overlooked parts of the community.  We think it's a win win!

Check the website for dates and location.


earth day artivism

We celebrated Earth Day 2019 by Partnering with Durango Nature Studies and hosting an artivist table with climate change interactive activities including an action-oriented scavenger hunt, plant-able crafts and lots of fun


What problem can we help you solve?  

The Climate Love Project has over five years of experience designing creative change making, community building activities and events.  Add that to many years of experience applying the LEED green building rating system and resiliency concepts to buildings, campuses and communities around the country and you've got a great resource to help you use artivism to build your community and make change.


We can help 

Creative gift ideas for a special kiddo or families

Fun and educational learning activities for birthday parties, potlucks or community events

Activities for kids to learn how to build community, connect emotionally and socially with others

Let us design the perfect activity for you!

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