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Creative change  making happens here.

We design creative activities for kids & families to learn about and act on climate change.

We are parents on a mission to creatively engage the challenges of climate change by celebrating what we love and imagining tangible ways to be a part of the solution. 

At Climate Love Project, we use "artivism" to make change by combining art + activism. We are creative change makers who design climate change activities that inspire kids to:
  • Take action for the planet.
  • Develop a positive outlook and emotional intelligence to cope with the impacts of a changing climate.
  • Translate community building ideas into art-full action. 
  • Engage the whole family in meaningful conversations and activities.
What We Do

Artivism toolkit


It's finally here!  Parents, need some artistic inspiration to get through remote schooling? Head on over to the store to learn about having engaging art projects delivered to your door monthly.

Curious about what creative change making looks like?

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